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Our health is one of our most valuable assets, which is why effective and affordable health education must be easily accessible to everyone.
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Studies have shown that supplementing conventional health education offerings with bio- and neurofeedback has great benefit in disease prevention. Our project is innovative by saving resources and mapping in a non-profit context, as this allows professional neurofeedback to be disseminated across the EU at affordable conditions.

You can find further interesting information on the topics Courses for young people (Health4Youth), Help for refugees in Ukrainian, Standard Arabic and English, as well as Information on company health management (Health@Work) here:
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Inclusive online health education:

Our recorded online courses and learning materials, including webinars, are permanently available for you to use and distribute free of charge. We also offer free initial consultations to create your individualized timetable for orientation on this learning platform. Nobody is excluded from these offers. Are you a professional? We would be happy to send you our material as a template for translation or use with your own logo in your own setting

Neurofeedback home training for increasing concentration and reducing stress:

Neurofeedback (also EEG biofeedback) is a special field of biofeedback. During neurofeedback, brain wave curves (EEG waves) are displayed on a computer screen. These change when you are awake, asleep, alert, relaxed or stressed. During neurofeedback training, you train to change these brain wave curves, for example to reduce waves that cause stress or to increase waves that help with concentration.

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Bio and neurofeedback home training
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Bio-Neurofeedback individual coaching
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We are a cooperation partnership for the development of digital health education offerings for young people and adults, in particular to reach people from rural and structurally weak regions throughout the EU. Our aim on this learning platform is to offer courses and information material on the subject of health promotion in various languages spoken in the EU. All purely digital offerings, including webinars, are free of charge and are made barrier-free accessible to the general public. This takes place on this learning platform in German, Englisch and Danish as well as partly in Ukrainian and standard Arabic.

We are funded as part of the EU program EU program Erasmus+. Our project partners are based in Germany, Denmark and Estonia. Our pilot project phase with the project name „“ (2022) was successfully completed in 2022. In our follow-up projects „remote-health-II“ (2023) with a focus on migration and prevention and the project specifically for young people called „health4youth“ (2024), the platform will be further developed extensively. Future expansion to include the topic of company health management „health@work“ (2025) is also planned. In this way, we live up to our high standards on both a digital and educational level in order to address as affordable health promotion.

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„health4Youth“ has been approved
We are pleased that our project “health4Youth” has been approved by the EU Commission with a further €60,000 grant. From now on we are developing courses specifically for the target group of 14-21 year olds.
„Health@Work“ has been approved
We are pleased that our project „Health@Work“ has been approved by the EU Commission with a further €60,000 grant
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